Travel by air

If it suits your needs, there are fortunately a number of options for flying to Mozambique. SA Airlink offers a direct flight to Nampula which has become very popular. They don’t fly every day of the week, but adjusting your schedule accordingly may be well worth not having to deal with a layover in Maputo. Simply visit the regular SAA website to book/inquire –


The Mozambican airline, LAM, is of course also an option, especially if you’re only going to Maputo or somehow driving on from there. There isn’t a very logical connection between the flights they offer to Maputo and the ones to Nampula though, and a long day spent at the airport can work out quite expensively. If you do want to book with them, their website is not much use – best to contact reservat[email protected] , you will pay for your flight by EFT.


South Africans don’t require a visa for a stay of up to 30 days, and therefore flying avoids the hassle of border posts with their queues and requirements.


Other foreigners can obtain visas at the airport they fly into.