Religion in Mozambique

This is unfortunately the most up-to-date official statistics we could get. Most missionaries would probably estimate that a fair percentage of those identifying themselves as Christians or Muslims mostly still practice traditional beliefs here more than their adopted mainstream religion.

Some other statistics:


Population: 22,948,585 (July 2011 est.)
Life expectancy: Male:51.01 years
Female: 52.57 years
Infant mortality rate: 78.95 per 1000 live births
HIV/AIDS adult prevalence rate: 11.5 %
Literacy (% of the population over age 15 that can read and write): Male: 63.5%
Female: 32.7%
Languages: Portuguese is the official language of the country, but around 40 local languages/dialects are spoken.A number of these belong to Least Reached groups who still have no or very little Christian witness and no Scriptures in their language.