Missionary needed in Gurue

Radio is a wonderful medium for proclaiming the Gospel. The Christian radio project in Gurue is in need of a new missionary to coordinate the work there. You can read more about the opportunity in Afrikaans by clicking on this link: GURUE bemarkingsbrief Aug 2013.

If you require more information in English, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Successful AGM and collaborative meeting held

On Saturday 25 May, the Mozambique Hub was able to have its Annual General Meeting, combined with some discussion with mission partners on the state of missions in Mozambique today and the challenges that the future hold. We were blessed to have a presentation by Sebastian Floor, missionary in Mozambique for over twenty years and still involved with Wycliffe Bible Translators. One of the key points he made was about the value of kingdom partnerships, which are much more valuable than mere partnerships of convenience. They are less task driven and more oriented to joint discussion and vision. These are the kinds of partnerships the MozHub already have, but would like to cultivate more of. Much insight was also derived from our brother Zechariah Moambo, who is involved with the Mozambique School of the Bible, but also the newly formed Church’s League of Mozambique. He painted a very enlightening picture of the needs of the Mozambican church. Training, discipleship and teaching are still very much what the church needs and what is happening where the church is growing most effectively. The morning provided the Hub with the opportunity to meet some new partners, catch up with old ones and stimulate discussion which we believe was valuable for everyone involved. Mozambique distance calculator DSC03510 (1) - Copy DSC03516 - Copy DSC03520 - Copy DSC03522 - Copy DSC03525 - Copy DSC03536 - Copy DSC03543 - Copy

Northern Missionaries in difficult security situation

Over the last six weeks or so, several missionary/expat families mainly in Nampula and Nacala¬† have experienced unprecedented attacks on their properties by large (9-15) groups of men armed with machetes. Some were lucky enough to have the bandits driven off before anything could be accomplished, but one MAF pilot was badly injured and needed to fly out to South Africa and thereafter the United States. We are aware of at least one family that has left the mission field. Missionaries are not generally wealthy; suddenly hiring armed guards or surrounding their properties with electric fencing is not financially an option. We understand the authorities are supposed to be looking into the matter – how much they will exert themselves for the expatriates living in their country we don’t know. In the meantime, please pray for all missionaries to remain strong and calm in this difficult time, and for the Lord to provide a solution to the problem.